Cult of Dracula #6

Written by: Rich Davis
Art by: Henry Martinez

Published by: Source Point Press
Order code: JUN211789

I want to kick this week's "Spec-Ops" off with a book that I feel is going to go completely under that radar. As somebody that has spoken with Rich Davis on the Cheers to Comics! Podcast, I can say with extreme confidence that any hype around this series at all is completely warranted with the film currently in the works. There is a major character appearing in this sixth issue up for pre-order this week and those collectors out there with a little bit of patience will eventually be able to cash in after her big on screen appearance. I know Source Point Press isn't usually a market we speculate on, but I wholeheartedly believe that "Cult of Dracula" will be the title that changes that stigma.

Suicide Jockey's #1

Written by: Rylend Grant
Art By: Davi Leon Dias, Iwan Joko Triyono & Edson Ferreria

Published by: source Point Press
Order Code: JUN211785

Another low key Source Point Press book on my radar this week one from a Ringo Award winner and Hollywood writer that has yet to miss in the comic book game. Albeit, like I stated earlier, Source Point books aren't always gaining the attention of the spec community, but with the steam that Grant has behind him right now and always having an amazing artistic team to go along with, it's only a matter of time before this book gets the recognition it deserves. His immaculate track record has been mostly through even smaller publishers and Kickstarters, so now that publishers like Source Point Press are putting his books on shelves, I see his status only blossoming even bigger, thus creating a demand for his early work. As somebody that's had the privilege of reading this first issue, I can say first hand that this is going to be one of the funnest books coming out this year. There will also be some pretty great homage variants throughout the run, and any good speculator knows how randomly profitable the homage market can get. Moral of the story, keep your eye on this series and anything Rylend Grant touches.

King Spawn #1 1:250

Written by: Sean Lewis & Todd McFarlane
art by: Various

Published by: Image
Order Code: JUN210027

If I had to put one single face to represent all of indie comics, it would have to without a doubt be Spawn. Despite any movie speculation that may or may not ever happen, history has shown that any "Spawn" book will always have the potential to gain, even if it takes years down the road. With there not being a new ongoing series since the debut in '92, I have to believe the dedicated Spawn fanatics will be all over this debut issue. As one would imagine, there is a plethora of covers to choose from form fitted for all types of artistic tastes, but the one that everybody is going to be crawling over each other to get is the 1:250 retailer incentive that comes signed by the Toddfather himself and will also have it's own individual number assigned. This is a major deal because this book will never have the opportunity to be signed by Todd ever again as he is putting it on his dreaded "no sign" list, that of which already contains "Venom" #1 Retailer Variant, "Venom" #6 Variant cover and the "Spawn" thank you cover. This is going to fetch incredible sums of cash day one of release, with some retailers already having them up for around $650, and I imagine that number will only increase in time, no matter how massive the print run turns out to be. (I wouldn't expect a million this time around.) CGC also announced that they would be teaming with Todd on this if anybody wants their copy slabbed which is going to raise the cost for collectors dramatically. The big question is, would it be financially worth the risk to pre-order 250 copies to get this one holy grail? The answer is a solid YES! (Especially at only $2.99 each before any discount.) This is going to be one of the most collectible comics from the modern era, it would be silly to pass up an opportunity like this. Even at a $650 current price point, I see this book doing very well for investors of the floppy sort.